Interviews are a one-to-one form of research, usually with the target audience of our client.

Interviews can additionally include a range of stakeholders such as employees or lapsed customers for different takes on the research. Such interviews are an opportunity to discuss, debate & challenge certain topics about the business, therefore raising any concerns or learning vital information which is required by Fable&Co. moving forward.

Conducted in a confidential & relaxed environment, this conversational discourse provides valuable information on the stakeholders’ unique perspectives on the brand & allows for them to share with Fable&Co. what their expectations may be.

The stakeholders might include individuals, both internal & external, allied in some way to the brand. This might be staff,  senior management, investors, & customers. From this array of individuals relevant information can be gained from a consumer, investor & employee point of view. At Fable&Co. we ensure that interviews are either undertaken face-to-face or via a private phone calls with our interviewees.

Questions are written by Fable&Co. with respect to the specific context of our client. We may send out the set of questions in advance, if required.

The questions we ask the stakeholders are only a part of the process. We deviate from them when necessary to follow a line of thought & investigate a comment further. The questions are simply guidelines. Formulated to assist both Fable&Co & the client. The questions will involve a discussion on the objectives, values, personality & philosophy of the client’s business, the changes they want to make to the brand/product & how Fable&Co. can both abide by & apply these insights throughout this process.


Our collaboration with the client is paramount, asserting our specialist knowledge & experience, in order to provide a highly professional outcome. Once we have compiled this information it is used in a range of research & insight documents, strategy plans, user experience reviews & further research or planning that may benefit from this insight.

The difference between face-to-face conversation and any other medium of communication is simple: No distractions are permitted.

– Steve Blank, Silicon Valley, Startup Alumnini