Industry Analysis & Trends

Industry Analysis & Trends is the study of the category in which a brand operates to understand the different dynamics at play.

It starts with a broad understanding of the political, economic, social, environmental & legal environment, aiming to uncover important factors affecting the business.

This makes Industry Analysis a complementary addition to Competitor Analysis. Whilst the latter tells you what your competitors are doing today, the former tells you what they are likely to be doing tomorrow. From our experience, data does not lie.

Relevant Trends

After the broad environment has been understood, Fable&Co. identifies relevant trends as one of the next logical steps. Current consumer trends such as environmentalism, premiumisation, healthy eating, athleisure or the ‘measured self’ are but a few examples of shifting behaviour that is forever transmuting sectors such as food, sports retail & fashion.

With such a volatile & metamorphosing landscape, Fable&Co. believes no company can afford to ignore these trends as they occur. This analysis plays an integral part for the client whether expanding their new product development, evolving their brand positioning or even standing against these trends in an anti-trend rebellion.

Industry Analysis

Fable&Co. recognises ideal industry analysis as thorough & holistic, drawing from a multitude of sources taking into consideration how different categories influence each other (such as fashion & sports retail, or restaurants & supermarkets). This analysis will consequently provide a full account of every dynamic in the market. At Fable&Co. we combine solid desk research with a healthy dose of intuition & experience. By keeping a finger on the pulse of culture, we are able to provide insightful accounts of the market & use this to our client’s advantage.

The best vision is insight.

– Malcolm Forbes, Forbes Magazine, Publisher & Entrepreneur