Event Materials

Whether a conference or an event, Event Materials can heighten the consumer experience, provide a useful keepsake loaded with information & potentially raise the profile of the host company.

These materials have an unmissable presence at such events for many reasons. Consumers wearing a tote bag or a t-shirt branded with a company’s logo act as free & continued advertisers enabling further brand exposure, and companies know that materials for events can range in price depending on the budget & requirements of the business.


With so many creative variations outside of simple print materials, competition is high in generating engaging, cutting-edge designs on a plethora of 2D & 3D items.

Fable&Co. not only provide the service of design for such a project also work with our clients to create the approach behind it. Fable&Co. understand that event materials require not only design acumen but a firm, collaborative approach behind them. With a fastidious attention to detail with relation to very specific formats & specifications, our team not only possesses creative flair as a prerequisite, but the analytical & systematic technical aptitude to fulfil all requirements.

Our team understand that stands, conferences & events are an unpassable opportunity for our clients to meet potential customers & partners eye to eye. First impressions last, & in this corporate world are shared with others.

Our in-house designers centre our approach on consistency in concurrence with live materials in circulation, whilst creating our own signature daring & simplistic compositions. We design tirelessly to create personalised materials which stand out from the competition. Priding ourselves in working with highly skilled local printers & suppliers, our combined skillset never fails to deliver.

Whatever the brief, Fable&Co. have the knowhow to devise high quality & effective event materials which will not only stand the test of time, but create a design buzz your competition can’t help but fawn over.

Never forget that you only have one opportunity to make a first impression – with investors, with customers, with PR, and with marketing.

– Natalie Massenet, Revolutionist Fashion Entrepreneur