Traditionally the term Editorial refers to an article published on a website, newspaper or periodical which displays the point of view of the writer, editor or publisher.

Written to confront a particular issue whether a trending talking point or in current affairs, an editorial reflects the views of the editorial team.

At Fable&Co. the term represents our service of brochure design. Brimming with essential information, choice images, originative layout & colour palette, our brochures offer instant & succinct text within a display complementing the identity & values of the brand.

A brochure is an empirical marketing element which when combined with informed staff  & an effective website creates a solid marketing program. The design must take into account the brief which highlights essential information to communicate. Included in our copy will be product or services offered, the target market & customers, the problems which are solved & benefits which are gained from opting in. Our team ensures the typography includes proof of the businesses success with specific examples chosen by our client.

Ceaselessly looking to improve on our creations, Fable&Co. ensure that their designs have a multifunctional ability. Extra conveniences such as a calendar means the brochure carries additional use, value & keepability.

In terms of graphic design, we study existing materials with branding such as websites & business cards so that our composition runs in synchronisation. Always keen on praising & pondering inspiring designs, Fable&Co. investigate market & creative design competition. Using our our state of the art suite & in-house designers & brand artist, our team does not think outside the box, but perfects what is inside.

Thorough theory & the drive for ultimate simplicity our designs require no gimmicks or cheap shots. Working collaboratively with our client we decide on the form of the brochure whether a folder with loose-leaf pages, an origami concertina structure or colour coded tabs, our designs are not destined for the forgotten corporate papers pile.

We work with local printers & suppliers whom we regularly undertake business with. Whether embossed textures in an unusual shape or a laminated design with die-cutting, our suppliers always deliver our vision.

To create a memorable design you need to start with a thought that’s worth remembering.

– Thomas Manss, Celebrated Graphic Designer