Digital / Online Strategy

Digital / Online Strategy is the strategic approach in which a company will conduct its business & marketing through online channels.

As a branch of business strategy, digital/online strategy is composed of many disciplines that span communications & design, such as web design, SEO, digital advertising (search, display, affiliates & video), social media, e-commerce, & user experience design (UX).

Research has shown more & more consumers are using the internet to research & shop. Coupled with the rise of mobile phone penetration, it is crucial today more than ever to consider how our clients fare in the digital landscape.

Fable&Co’s ‘mythodolody’ approach sees our team work alongside our clients for the ultimate in collaborative strategy. From the studying of user experience & site navigation to our technical review of SEO, whether assessing the status of content on the client’s site, social media presence or online advertising our holistic approach covers quarters. By systematically following the cornucopia of in a specific order, we can ensure our clients receive a thorough and complete review plus plan for digital.

The Fable&Co. team deal with the issue of UX and usability. We examine the client’s current website, enlisting people to do UX interviews. Armed with insights we are able to recommend design & usability tweaks that can increase your conversion rates and overall performance. Specialised members of our team examine the technical aspects of the client’s site to for SEO ranking in search engines. We provide from this information an invaluable series of recommendations leading to increased organic traffic from Google & co.

It is with all these channels working in unison that a business will make the most impact online & make sure you are not left behind this tidal change of consumer behaviour & media fragmentation.

Authenticity, honesty, and personal voice underlie much of what’s successful on the Web.

– Rick LeVine, Executive Management, Accenture