Corporate Communications

Corporate communications is the discipline that creates, integrates, releases & measures a series of constant communications aimed at explaining & contextualising the ethics & behaviours of a company to a set of stakeholders.

Such stakeholders range from the media & consumers, to shareholders & government officials. Corporate communications main objective is trust from all its stakeholders & this is achieved by nothing other than consistency, transparency & a firm anchoring in brand values.

Corporate communications bridges the gap between branding & public relations. This is due to the discipline being the mouthpiece of the brand through public & media relations, combined with inward & outward communication practices.

By sharing information throughout a business, corporate communications acts as the conscience of the business with the reputation of the company firmly placed within their hands.

Fable&Co. offers corporate communication support & solutions to clients from the very beginning to the very end of any given task. We work with our clients to manage scenario planning & in turn help them create & execute a consistent voice throughout all the different places a brand can find itself across an eventful year.

As well as being the internal communications for employees during favourable times, corporate communication specialists need to assume the front of house position & dealing with potentially reputation-damaging processes such as downsizing or mergers.

Fable&Co. can assist in creating a solid corporate communications framework, embodied within a “communications playbook” which can act as a reference point during uncertain times. Assuming a strategic role, Fable&Co.’s team is able to advise & execute initiatives & planning across all avenues of the business so that if & when the undesired occurs, measured & reasonable steps can be taken.

The two words information and communication are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through.

– Sydney Harris, Journalist