Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis is a process whereby a competitor’s brand, communications & creative is studied, analysed & observed to form an understanding of the competitive landscape by the hired agency.

Through the use of scorecards & analytical techniques such as competitor quadrants, gaps are identified in the market for interesting angles for positioning & creative. Due to the current dynamics in business most companies are finding competition in the most unexpected places, hence the exercise presenting a unique opportunity to gain invaluable insight about a brand moving forward.


Best practice sees competitor analysis cross referenced with first hand research such as questionnaires, interviews & focus groups. This process is undertaken to discover the target audience’s set of attitudes & behaviours against the competitors in order to provide further context of where the brand is in relation to them.

Strategy & Creativity

The linchpins of Fable&Co. are strategy & creativity & this does not stop within an analytical setting. We carefully decipher which competitors are the best choice to study whether indirect or direct & from concentrated or fragmented markets.

We focus on the specific & finite detail when creating a framework for comparison. Generic is not a word used at Fable&Co. but rather we reimagine tired processes & implement engaging & equally efficient methods of approach.

We gather a selection of suitable materials to use as sources ensuring that each piece has a place & a point to make. We ask driving questions such as how competitors are using social media to communicate with their customers & advertise their products or how are they using content to drive more traffic to their sites.

Working collaboratively we will use our skills & experience to formulate game changing strategies & programs for our client, always keeping the vision of their brand in sight. Future deadlines & goals are put in place so that we can track the progress of the brand ensuring that in this carefully managed process, they are exactly where we predicted them to be.

From market-place results that I’ve both caused and witnessed first-hand, one thing is certain – your failure to act may be your competitor’s gain!

– Phil Barden, Decode Marketing