Category Reviews

Category Reviews are a focused analysis of a product or group of products in a similar category in order to understand all components; from ingredients & packaging, to distribution models & brand positioning.

Such reviews act as an evaluation & provide the basis from which professionals from certain industries involved in the production can work cohesively in formulating strategic plans, goals & expectations for future growth in the category.

Category reviews are common in industries such as food, cosmetic or fashion which specialise in the sales of fast-moving consumer goods. The speed of innovation & change in such industries are examples of why such industries require frequent review. In a fast changing commercial environment, it is crucial to keep an assertive & pragmatic eye on the competitors.

Comprehensive & Decisive

Fable&Co. undertake category reviews as an examination of how similar lines of products from competing brands are launching new formulas, reformulating their packaging, approaching point of sale, modelling behaviour through offers, establishing pricing, building a distribution network & adapting their brand along the way. We undertake a comprehensive & decisive look at this information and relay this to our client in a way which is clear & concise.

Category reviews reveal a huge insight into the direction a whole industry might be heading in.

These clues can range from websites, eye catching revelations in supermarket aisles & even unexpected discoveries on Amazon product pages. When coupled with industry analysis, category reviews enable us to guide our client through their environment so that they can deliver an attention grabbing presence alongside a satisfying consumer experience which resonates with the desired market.

The greatest risk is not the development of new products, but the development of customers and markets

– Steve Blank, Silicon Valley, Entrepreneur