Brand Values

Brand values are a series of succinct, unequivocal & uncompromising statements about what a brand stands for & believes in.

They give an indication of brand behaviour & provide a template for every employee to work within additionally acting as the blueprint for company culture. Brand values are unique to each organisation, & likely to be the brainchild of company founders. A company’s brand values may vary across the cultures & countries they operate within but always remain similar in basic principles.

Understanding & communicating brand values for a company is imperative for their business. Given a brand values importance in persuading customers, guiding employees & creating an organisational culture, it is easy to underrate how important it is to evaluate the current & real values of the organisation; & how this relates to actual behaviour.

Fable&Co. knows that a brand can be a person, be it a politician or a YouTuber as well as a product or commodity. Their brand values are principles which actuate their actions, perspectives & approaches.

Whilst Apple pride themselves in being an American born & bred corporation, the outsourcing of their factory jobs to China has caused some controversy over their assumed brand values. Whilst businesses state their values, they also need to be live by them.

Fable&Co. use well developed brand planning techniques which help our client understand their values whilst reevaluating their relevancy in the market. We carefully & systematically audit how those values match our client’s company ethos & ways of working. We find approaches to help companies elevate their brand values into something ambitious, inspiring & motivating, therefore cementing possibilities of company growth. Every company needs a set of values from Nestlé to the local charity.

Fable&Co. live by their own set of formulated brand values true to us as a company. By putting our personal & professional experience into practice we can devise & structure brand values for & with our clients to meet any specification or premise.

The ethics on which brands are built need to be ingrained in the business if the Brand Proposition is to be credible to consumers.

– Paul Gaskell, Branding Mastermind