Brand Questionnaires

Brand Questionnaires are an effective way to help clients discover their brand’s identity through a series of specific questions.

These questions are aimed at revealing brand truths such as history, values, culture & ambition. Undertaken in a fun & engaging way, brand questionnaires involve Management teams, internal staff & key stakeholders in the discovery

process, identifying both the agreed strengths of the brand definition in addition to the unknown inconsistencies that the brand planning work will need to smooth out & reshape.

Analysing the Nike Swoosh logo, we can see whilst it reflects the brand visually, it is not everything the Nike brand embodies. Sales in retail as well as performance & placement in the market are further components of the brand. Consumers invest emotional trust & purchase with loyalty with brands they believe in. They pay higher prices for exclusivity, innovation & state-of-the-art design.

Due to the power of the Nike brand, a pair of Nike Air’s are a status making, head turning desirable commodity to obtain. A dream of success, elite athleticism & groundbreaking design is sold alongside the purchase of the product. Such is the power of a brand.

Brand questionnaires allow for an collaboration between client & agency brand managers to dream up their ambitions.

They are a highly effective way to determine objectives, whilst equipping the agency with great insight in achieving them.

At Fable&Co. we write our own questions as well as encouraging our clients to write their own.

Our questionnaires are divided into three sections Brand Essentials, Brand Idiosyncrasies and Positioning in the Market. Brand Essentials covers the genetic makeup of the brand such as who the primary customers are, what is unique about the brand & what the nature of the services the brand provides are. Brand Idiosyncrasies break down the personality of the brand, the work environment & those who work there. Positioning in the Market asks questions about the stakeholders, the pros & cons of the brand, what objectives they want to succeed in & what factors need to improve.

Once the questionnaire is complete, it is amalgamated with other research forms so that a brand platform may be devised. We view a brand platform as a reference point for both creative & strategic decisions, the prototype for the finished product.

The future of brands is…the future of business. Well-managed brands are the most efficient and effective creators of sustainable wealth.

– Richard Cordiner, Founder Leo Burnett