Brand Messaging

Brand Messaging is a framework from which to approach all brand copywriting as part of brand communications across all necessary media.

Avenues such as advertising, packaging, owned media & press relations aim is to provide the brand with a distinct & recognisable voice that offers consumers both consistency of message & confirmation of brand values.

Just like readers anticipate a certain political affiliation & choice diction from our favourite print newspaper, we would question an article which was written in a tenor that did not sound conducive with the usual material of the publication.


By developing documentation, companies can guide all professionals involved in writing brand copy to ensure that they share a tone of voice which is consistent over time & paralleled with customer expectations. To arrive at a brand messaging framework, companies need to understand what resonates with consumers, what is true to the brand & what is sympathetic to the current culture & climate.

Fable&Co. believe fine examples of brand messaging are PaddyPower, Oatley & Nike. Three very different brands but three illustrations of triangulating consumers, brand & culture in an effective way which builds equity.

At Fable&Co. we arrive to a brand messaging framework through meticulous research into the brand, the consumer & category analysis. Once we have this, we assist our clients in the inauguration of this information across all comms & institutionalise its use with all relevant stakeholders. Our approach is one of autonomy, giving brands the tools to create their own messaging & develop it over time.

Brand messaging is essentially, selling a product whilst conjointly being a product itself.

Words are a Universal Mechanism

Fable&Co. see brand messaging clearly. People take meaning from copy, they digest it & contextualise it. The iconic posters from World War II or television adverts for a charity present; a call to action, a moment of emotive engagement, a rousing revolution of thought. Words are a universal mechanism of human communication so using them compellingly can connect with people on a basic yet poignant level.

Copy is direct conversation with the customer.

– Shirley Polykoff, Fellow of the Advertising Hall of Fame