Analytics & Reporting

Analytics & Reporting is one of the most exciting aspects of having a website.

By installing an analytics package such as Google Analytics, the website host can access the reporting capabilities also present on the sites of the biggest & most successful companies in the world, for free.

With visitors coming from all over the country/world & interacting with all the content on your website, Analytics gives you all the knowledge that comes from understanding these behavioural patterns.


Once the software is installed & a personalised tracking code is received, the audience that visit a business’ website can be viewed through the available data. Reporting sees data translated into summarises of information, compartmentalised so a business can see various compartments of the company are doing. The analysis converts information & data into understanding & insight.

The aim is to acquire a greater amount of value for a business, ideally resulting in reduced costs & increased sales. Analytics & reporting although not synonymous with each other work cohesively to bring about these changes.

So much learning can be done with data. Businesses can learn about their visitors: where they come from, from what channel they arrived on the site, from what device. They can also learn how they found the content on the site: how long did they stay on the site, what content did they look at, what content persuades them more & what content made them leave the site. Lastly, you can also learn about the actions that are making an impact on your bottom line.


If you are selling products, what kind of user is buying it, how much do they spend on average and what kind of products are selling better. If you are instead trying to generate leads, analytics can help you understand what content, channels, devices or locations are driving the most engaged visitors & leads for your sales department to pursue.

At Fable&Co.we install analytics solutions to our client’s site as well as configuring it to their needs. Our knowledgeable team can personalise the package building dashboards, creating segments & applying filters in such a way that the results come flooding through quickly.

Training options are also available for our clients so that they too can learn through us how to use & interpret this reporting data, so that they can feel confident in making decisions on their site or marketing campaigns by learning what is working & what is not.

The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.

– Arthur C. Nielsen, Market Researcher & Founder of ACNielsen