Branding & Print Design


The Art Of Effective Print

Designing & producing effective printed media can be invaluable in supporting the marketing function of your business.

The physical, tangible, tactile qualities of print provide a sense of legitimacy & credibility.

Printed stationery & marketing materials solidify your brand identity, offering strong brand recognition, enabling you to reach niche audiences.

The facts speak for themselves; consumers are considerably more engaged when reading printed materials than online.

Branding Agency Business Cards Design for Print

A recent study conducted by a prominent publication found that 91% of its readers preferred to receive their publication in print form, compared to 9% who chose digital. Printed materials are far more likely to be kept, re-read & remembered vs the same material offered in a digital format, which can be easily misplaced in the competitive online landscape.


Great packaging protects your brand

Product packaging is a practical brand touch-point where clarity & simplicity is paramount. The combination of structural innovation, scrupulous substrate specification & outstanding graphic design is critical to crafting great packaging.

Originality, character & memorability are also fundamental to creating packaging that will ultimately result in impressive shelf impact. This will drive product sales, in even the most competitive of product categories.

Steve and I spent a lot of time on the packaging. I love the process of unpacking something. You design a ritual of unpacking to make the product feel special. Packaging can be theatre, it can create a story.

Jonathan Ive

Chief Design Officer - Apple
Branding & Packaging Design