Fable's Font Of The Week: Letter Gothic

What struck us about the Letter Gothic typeface was its perfect imperfections.

There’s a beautiful contrast & balance between its sharp right angles & its smooth joints. Irregularities in its kerning were at first glance an imperfection but subsequently seen as a mark of authenticity & character.

The irregularities in this monospaced typeface bring to mind the old fashioned typewriter – a machine much loved & admired here at Fable&Co. It captures the soul with its strong heritage, unique characters & tactile quality.


Monospaced fonts were originally invented to meet the mechanical requirements of typewriters, not designed for its beauty.

However, we feel it’s clarity & uniformity is matched by its personality & charm, & for that reason have proudly awarded Letter Gothic our font of the week.

See below our take on a few stand out brands that use Letter Gothic throughout their identity.


A hit within the studio lately has been Peggs&Son brand identity. They use Letter Gothic to add an essence of character to their clean, minimal aesthetic creating a beautiful juxtaposition between perfection & imperfection. Used for small details across their site, the letters look as though they’ve been typewritten straight onto the screen, adding a subtle hint of craftsmanship that makes interactions with their brand feel personal from start to finish.


Source: guypowell.co.uk/peggs-son

Marco Marco

To represent the level of detail & skill that goes into every one of their dishes, whilst portraying their restaurant experience as simple & accessible, Marco Marco use the contrast of a large, rounded, friendly logotype paired with the small detailed, subtleties of Letter Gothic. The letters almost resemble the finishing touches to their dishes, be it a sprinkle of chilli or grated parmesan that the meal wouldn’t be the same without.


Source: bpando.org


To make for an identity that breaks the norm in their industry, consultancy firm, Bedroc carefully balances their bold sans serif logotype with Letter Gothic to portray themselves as large corporate that really digs deep to uncover the small details. They use a stacked typographic treatment to emphasise their offerings of in-depth research, with type set in Letter Gothic appearing like layers of technical detail. This contrast between little & large really works for them.


Source: fontsinuse.com


Batch use Letter Gothic’s imperfections to create a natural & traditional aesthetic. We really get the sense that their olives have been picked, pressed & packaged all by hand. The subtleties in the typeface, along with the messaging & clever touches such as the stamp asset, give the impression it’s a high-quality product that’s been crafted with care. We can see this fitting perfectly on the shelves of our local organic cafe.


Source: fontsinuse.com