Our Instagram 'Likes' Of The Week: 11.10.19

Patapee — Luxury Clay Mask

The story of this visual identity starts with the word ‘Patapee’, which translates into ‘the earth’. This premium, luxury clay mask contains a key ingredient – ‘bentonite’, a natural clay formed from pure volcanic ash over 200 million years ago.

We just love the packaging as it’s a strong visual expression of the clays pure & raw quality, expressed using a raw & tactile surface consisting of elegant graphic elements, blind embossed & finished with gold foiling. We would love to get our hands on this packaging!


Source IG: @andon.design.daily

Midnight 00.00. — Cosmetic Products

This stunningly minimal visual identity & packaging design really caught our eye whilst scrolling! The simplicity & cleanliness of this new range of cosmetic products captures & defines their visual positioning – a healthy, plant-based brand for a genderless audience.

The monospaced typography is truly the core of this identity, adding an essence of science & character to their clean, minimal aesthetic. The clinical use of type, absence of colour & abundance of space provides an identifiable base.


Source: IG @mindsparklemagazine

Enclume — Cooperative & Territorial Development Studio

Enclume are a cooperative & territorial development studio with a goal to completely revolutionise their look with a new identity & website. Before their rebrand, they felt their corporate identity was lacking in personality & a visual representation of who they are.

Their new identity however, expresses an abundance of personality, confidence & approachability with the use of bold geometric assets & a fun & warming colour palette. The simple identity system allows the brand to be flexible & adaptable across all touch points.


Source: IG @mindsparklemagazine

Hap — Ceramic Identity

This young ceramic label from Düsseldorf Germany, visually appealed to us in the studio. We have a deep appreciation for all things beautifully formed & authentically crafted. The artist behind the brand creates irregular, handmade & hand-painted ceramics at her pottery wheel. Inspired by her mother; a master Potter, the identity visually expresses her immense passion for her craft.

The unique formations & shapes in her ceramics can be seen represented through the playful typography. Beautifully shot photography detailing her work basking in depths of light & shadows, makes us want to reach out & touch the pieces. If only. We would love to own these pieces in the studio.


Source: IG @mindsparklemagazine

Tidy Products — An Antiseptic Product

Tidy Products are a fictitious brand identity, designed to package an essential bathroom cupboard staple – antiseptic liquid. The purpose of this project was to create packaging with a minimal aesthetic, & perhaps – a humous twist!

We found the packaging really intriguing & highly amusing! We love the idea of juxtaposing packaging with a rough & coarse texture & contrasting this with the healing properties of the liquid inside. Brilliant!

One to put on our minimal bathroom shelf!


Source: IG @mindsparklemagazine

Revivre — A Different Kind of Scent

‘Memories are our greatest treasures’. Revivre’s purpose is to capture specific moments with a scent, & store them for later. As scents can trigger vivid memories, this brand set out to reverse engineer this process – first, choose a scent & second, capture a specific moment that you want to relive later.

We think this is such an intriguing brand identity, one that uses scientific evidence, brain waves & frequencies to decipher & visually interpret emotional states. A truly purposeful yet visually stunning brand identity.


Source: IG @mindsparklemagazine

The Retail Roadmap — Retail & Fashion Cover Design

This beautifully minimal editorial magazine publication entitled ‘The Retail Roadmap’ was designed to highlight the trends & forecasts in the fashion & retail industry.

We were visually drawn to this post for the distinct abstract markings on the cover & high end editorial quality. The markings are in fact a chalkboard illustration, representing a road.


Source: IG @koppel.studio

FABRIK — Canvas Bags With Environmental Awareness

Fabrik is a new brand of eco friendly bags with an aim to replace the non biodegradable plastic ones. The bold word mark stands proud & with purpose, in a tone that is loud & important.

We love the clever & playful use of the line asset that forms the ‘i’ in the logo as it clearly represents the process of stitching & when stacked it runs like the nature of a sewing machine.


Source: IG @visualjournal.it

The Gatherers — A New Zealand-Based Floral Studio

The Gatherers are a New Zealand-based floral studio who specialise in the arrangement of flowers. Their story has been beautifully executed in their logo. We interpret the slightly raised composition of the letterforms ‘T’ ‘H’ ‘E’ to articulate the notion of carefully handpicking each flower for arrangement.

The rich colour palette & raw uncoated textures perhaps signify the ever-changing seasons & natural aesthetics of their inspired environment. The finishing touches of a blind embossed logo on these beautifully raw business cards, breathes life & fullness to the overall natural aesthetic.


Source: IG @visualjournal.it

The Crop — Luxury Jewellery

The Crop are an authentic, luxury jewellery boutique based in Brighton. The concept behind their visual identity is inspired by ‘the philosophical & psychological grounding of each collection’.

We love the visual execution behind this concept, in which a ‘crop’ or ‘study’ of a unique piece has been focused upon, unearthing its visual composition & characteristics in a series of beautifully detailed imagery.


Source: @visualjournal.it