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Lutine Bell, an established Sussex-based executive search consultancy, contacted Fable&Co. to discuss working together to re-position & rejuvenate their accomplished recruitment business.

Founded in 2011, Lutine Bell has developed a notable reputation within the Investment, Life & Pensions, Banking & General Insurance industries, as a leading Risk & Regulatory search practice.

There was an opportunity for Lutine Bell to really stand apart from its competitors, invigorate employees & lead the way in a prestigious industry.

The Untold Story

The rebranding exercise began with several research & strategic workshops, to identify current brand perceptions, audiences & future objectives of this assiduous organisation.

Our research led us to discover the untold story of the HMS Lutine, which in 1799, carried £1.2 million in bullion & coin from Yarmouth to Cuxhaven, to provide Hamburg’s banks with funds to prevent a stock market crash.

HMS Lutine was renowned for covering vast oceans with vigour & grace, with the impressive sails propelling the ship’s voyage.

The ‘Nautical’ Narrative

This unique ‘nautical’ narrative forged the foundations from which to develop Lutine Bell’s new brand positioning & visual identity.

The tremendous responsibility bestowed upon the HMS Lutine, to deliver its highly valuable cargo with care, sensitivity, expertise & efficiency accurately reflects Lutine Bell’s own values as a leading Executive Search Consultancy.

The Identity

A sophisticated new LB monogram logo was meticulously crafted, inspired by the beauty & grace of a ship under full sail.

The new brand identity uses navigational elements, such as a compass, ship’s wheel & wind symbols to demonstrate Lutine Bell’s ability to operate & manoeuvre efficiently through experience, planning & unconditional professionalism.


Transparency & Humanity

Abstract monochrome sail imagery is used throughout the brand identity, balanced with stylish images of the team – photographed within their office environment, to provide transparency & humanity to the marketing collateral both on & offline.

The Online Experience

The new Lutine Bell website was crafted using a host of contemporary user activated animations, set within a creative, unconventional & highly bespoke layout.

The rewarding user experience was carefully considered & diligently executed.

It has been a pleasure to have the opportunity to work alongside the team at Lutine Bell, to deliver this avant-garde branding project for the financial recruitment sector.

– Issy Hall, Brand Artist, Fable&Co.

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