Corporate Identities

Corporate Identities refers to the tangible way in which a company presents itself visually to the world.

Identity is composed of all the discernible elements such as the logo, corporate title, fonts, typefaces, corporate colours & the uniforms of employees, as opposed to the more abstract concepts of brand essence & positioning.

Not only does a corporate identity involve visual components but it also encompasses how a business treats their customers as well as how it is understood by the public & its employees. Corporate identities are far reaching & their importance should never be underestimated.

Designing a corporate identity is no mean feat as it has to be able to embody a great deal of meaning (including history, mission, values, essence & raison d’etre) in two-dimensional vectors & pixels. An ultimate exercise of simplicity through sophistication, the corporate design process takes an overloaded library of information & edits it into succinct but no less efficient data.

At Fable&Co. we use a collaborative approach with the client so that they brief us on the full scope of their corporate identity requirements. We will conduct surveys & interviews with stakeholders to authentically formulate the complete picture. Using our ample experience working with clients from all sectors we can design an identity to suit your business & your business only. Using highly successful corporate identity strategies we ensure that the finished product is relevant, interesting & desirable to both consumers, employees & investors.

After all, if those invested in & working within the company are not convinced, what hope is there for the consumers. We believe the vision should accommodate all whom have a voice both external & internal to the company. Will the voices of partners, investors, employees & leaders, a vision for the not so distance future can be made.

Brand does not equal identity- identity is the result of an effective brand.

– Erick Straghalis, Creative Strategist