Milton Keynes College.

Strategic Rebrand

Fable&Co. embarked on a strategic rebrand on behalf of Milton Keynes College. Research highlighted that the existing brand identity had become significantly outdated, & thus was not promoting the College efficiently or resonating effectively with the varied audiences.

Milton Keynes College is a further education & training establishment, delivering world class tuition & training to over 3,500 students throughout the Borough of Milton Keynes & surrounding areas. The College was founded back in 1982. Today it operates across three modern sites, located within close proximity to the vibrant & multicultural city centre.

Fable&Co. began by conducting numerous focus groups & workshops with different brand audiences, such as 16-18 year old students, adult learners, local employers as well as the College’s senior leadership team.

An essential aspect of this project was to create an identity offering flexibility, adaptability & be recognisable enough to work across the three different brands:

  • MK College – Further education for 16-18 year olds
  • MK Business & Leadership – Professional courses & bespoke training for adults
  • MK Offender Learning – Education and skills services, transforming the lives of offenders
    Project Deliverables
  • Quantitative Research
  • Qualitative Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Architecture
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Animation
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brochure Design
  • Corporate Stationery Suite
  • Offline Marketing Materials
  • Campus Signage
  • Project Management

Reinforced by the research conducted with students, we proposed a very subtle change in the naming architecture of the three brands. The existing logo used the words ‘Milton Keynes College’. However, we concluded that the College is already commonly referenced in short as MK College, therefore we created a new MK monogram, complete with the word ‘College’.

For the Business & Leadership Centre brand it became apparent that there was little benefit of aligning this brand so closely with the College, therefore we opted for MK Business & Leadership Centre as the core name, referencing the College through the strong, cohesive visual identity. This subtle change has been suggested to promote the Business & Leadership Centre as a specialist, professional adult learning institution.

The same applies to the Offender Learning sub-brand, removing the word ‘College’, so that MK Offender Learning is seen to offer a more specific, specialised proposition.




The monogram logo was created to demonstrate the inspiring & transformational effectiveness of the College. This logo moulds & manipulates itself into different fluid shapes across the core MK College logo & sub-brand logos, inspired by the transformational fluidity of liquids. Each of the logos portray the college as a modern, inspiring, approachable & highly productive learning institution. The logo style offers a great deal of inherent recall, helping to build brand equity across the varied audiences.

The visual look & feel promotes the College as an inspiring learning institution where student success & satisfaction is at the core of the proposition. The memorable monogram acts as a unique graphic device, which can be used across marketing materials & brand channels, clearly identifying the College. Colour has also been used to differentiate the sub-brands, as well as to add vibrancy & vitality to the new College identity.


This visual representation of the brand works highly effectively across all audiences, from 16 year olds embarking on further education, through to corporate audiences & adult learners looking to further their qualifications & professional experience.


The movement within the logo is inspired by the students at Milton Keynes College. They are transforming throughout their education, gently nurtured & robustly educated by the College, ultimately enabling them to rise to the top of their preferred industry.

Issy Hall

Brand Artist