Fable & Co. Letter Bank Branding

The Unassuming Letter

Security Mail

For me, collecting & opening post is usually a disagreeable task which I tend to procrastinate over. We are all inundated with an overwhelming amount of utility bills, junk mail & other generally unwanted printed communications on a daily basis.

The large majority of postal mail looks tedious & uninspiring, from brands that we would prefer not to have the misfortune to be receiving more letters from.

However, I recently received a letter that instantly caught my attention. It appeared to be elegantly & stylishly hand written, complete with 1st class stamp. As I examined the unassuming brown A5 envelope I considered if indeed this could be a Christmas card from an acquaintance with habitually immaculate hand writing.

Fable & Co. Letter Bank Branding

On opening I realised that this letter had just been cleverly disguised for security purposes as it contained a new bank card. This form of design camouflage had certainly fooled me to believe it was personal & tailored. The intentional trickery would hopefully also divert any criminals that might want to obtain such sensitive documentation for their scandalous gains.

Surely a bank could not handwrite envelopes & apply stamps manually? Could there really be a team of accomplished typographers employed solely to address envelopes that could avoid detection?

Closer scrutiny revealed there could only be a single logical answer. This elegant handwriting must indeed be a custom handwritten font. However, the letters are not all identical, the spacing of the letters differ & even the ink coverage is completely sporadic. These are generally the elements that we look for to identify a font from handwritten typography.

We are still slightly perplexed… if this is indeed a font then we have never seen anything quite as cutting-edge as this one. Either way, using typography as a way to increase consumer engagement for direct mail is definitely a step in the right direction to getting your brand noticed.