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Innovative Packaging Design

The Weird & The Wonderful

Product packaging is a practical brand touch-point where clarity & simplicity is paramount. The combination of structural innovation, scrupulous substrate specification & outstanding graphic design is critical to crafting great packaging.

The team at Fable&Co. are passionate about great packaging design. We are currently working away on a couple of exciting new packaging design projects which we hope to share with you soon. But until this happens you will have to make do with our selection of incredibly innovative concepts that we have stumbled upon recently.

Zen Perfume Packaging.

01. Zen Perfume

“Zen” perfume design-concept by Igor Mitin beautifully demonstrates how packaging inspired by nature can transcend a relaxing, organic & meditative experience, perfectly complementing the natural characteristics of this line of perfumes.

Ooho Water Blob Bottle

02. Ooho Water Bottle

Ooho is a spherical water container made from seaweed, as an alternative to plastic bottles. It is cheap to make, strong, hygienic, biodegradable & it’s even edible. Developed by Skipping Rocks Lab, a London based startup, their aim is to provide the convenience of plastic bottles whilst limiting the environmental impact. This is taking the reduction of packaging waste to a whole new level!

Youngs Seafood Packaging Concept

03. Young’s Seafood

British designer Emily Myers, created a re-brand concept for Young’s Seafood, inspired by their 200 year heritage & impressive credentials in sustainability. The simplicity of the design throughout the range of packaging, coupled with the choice of traditional paper packaging substrate, gives this concept a truly authentic point of difference.

wishbone coffee Square Images

04. Wishbone Coffee

Re-purposing packaging historically used for different products is a great way to make your brand stand out. The team at AKA re-imagined the traditional approach to packaging coffee by using turpentine cans. The soft colours & elegant typeface helped to soften the raw industrial packaging, along with the hand dipping process for individuality, re-enforcing the handmade nature of the product.

Naked Cosmetic Packaging Design

05. Naked Intimate Cosmetics Range

Reflecting the character of its contents, the package also stands all naked before you, having nothing to hide. Its tender colour & soft curves resemble the naked body. Every touch makes a tube, a cup or a bottle a little confused. So as soon as you take it in your hand, it will timidly glow right where you touch it. This flirty effect is made possible by covering the package with special thermochromic paint, which reacts to warm hands.

Credit: Neretin Stas – Moscow

Panasonic Headphones

06. Panasonic Headphones

The pure simplicity of the headphones arranged as a music note is so subtle but acts as a reminder of what the product is actually designed for. The striking black against the white box promotes an up-market product which is sure to result in a highly enjoyable listening experience, albeit very similar to Apple’s design philosophy.

Colourless Coke Can 100% Recyclable

07. 100% Recyclable Paint Free Coke Can

Designer Harc Lee has created a beautiful, minimal aluminium Coca-cola can. Complete without paints, inks & dyes – this stylish, simple, design alternative stands to greatly reduce pollution & energy associated with producing & recycling printed cans.


Happy Eggs Natural Straw Packaging

08. Happy Eggs Packaging

As designers we are first & foremost the first port of call when it comes to being “eco conscious” & in this day & age it’s more important than ever for packaging to be able to be used again or to be near as 100% recyclable as possible. This packaging is pressed hay pieces into the form of an egg carton. It holds organic brown eggs delivered in a sustainable way. This creative project was initiated by designer Maja Szczypek of Poland.



Landmine Awareness Ketchup

09. Landmine Awareness Ketchup

Here is a great example of using packaging effectively as an advertising medium to raise awareness – albeit slightly gruesome. Once you tear the sachet & the ketchup begins to come out you are reminded of the millions of active landmines which continue to maim & kill innocent people everyday.


10. Wine Bottle / Bag

This unique wine pouch reinterprets that classic Bordeaux bottle through a clever combination of matte / gloss finishes & clever die-cutting & outstanding design. The team at Reverse Innovation looked to challenge the negative image of ‘bag-in-a-box’ wine, by creating a pack that will appeal to even the most discerning of audiences.